It was a very special evening, the most unique performance. Never before has the Polish audience had an opportunity to listen to Latino music for the bassoon (Arek Adamczyk), piano (Michał Francuz), double bass (Sebastian Wypych) and drums (Cezary Konrad) played by the most brilliant polish instrumentalists. We named this project SUDAMERICA as all the repertoire we play here is written by South American composers. SUDAMERICA will seduce you with provocative sound of bassoon, flaming tones of piano, intriguing voice of double bass and astonishing rhythms of drums.

Sudamerica is a live performance that took place on 1 February 2017 at Paderewski Music Academy in Poznań as part of “Pracownia Fagocisty” bassoon festival. It has been published in a form of a DVD by Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznan.

Enjoy your most breathtaking musical journey to South America!

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British Contemporary Bassoon Music

In 2013 when I started working on my PhD I embarked on a research on British bassoon music of XX and XXI century. Except for studying relevant British material on the subject I also got in touch with composers of the chosen music. Result of my research was a thesis that was published in 2016 by Paderewski Music Academy in Poznań in a form of a book entitled “British contemporary music for the bassoon and its impact on the comprehensive development of a bassoonist”.

Moreover, meeting various composers led to further musical projects. Patrick Nunn enjoyed my recording of his “Gonk” for the bassoon and electronics so much, that he included this very recording in his CD “Morhosis” published in the United Kingdom in 2016.

SPECTRUM – bassoon, string orchestra, percussion and harp


Research on the music of another British composer Adrian Williams led to yet another exciting project. After presenting the composer with my recording of Seven Kilvert Sketches he invited me to rehearse together another of his pieces, Sonata for the bassoon and piano, that was accompanied by the very composer. He enjoyed my playing of his music so much that he decided to write a concerto for the bassoon and chamber orchestra.  As a result, on the 24th of June 2018 I will perform a concert entirely dedicated to Adrian Williams’ music for the bassoon. The program will include “My heart is steadfast” for bassoon and choir, “Seven Kilvert Skeches” for solo bassoon with the composer himself reciting  before every part, Sonata for bassoon and piano (with Adrian Williams behind the piano) and finally SPECTRUM, bassoon concerto for string orchestra, percussion and harp which Adrian generously dedicated to me. What a spectrum of bassoon pieces in just one night…