Pracownia Fagocisty

Pracownia Fagocisty is a contemporary educational platform which incorporates various workshops throughout the year, conducted by the most successful bassoon teachers from around the globe (Roger Birnstingl, Ole Kristian Dahl, Sebastian Stevensson, Žilvinas Smalys or Jaroslaw Augustyniak among others). Those taking part in our workshops had opportunity not only to participate in various master classes, mock orchestra auditions, concerts, but also many practical lectures highlighting different aspects of the career and opportunities for musicians in XXI century. Taking advantage of modern technology, we are linking with artists across the world when it is not possible to bring them all the way to Poznan. Pracownia Fagocisty also promotes new publications focusing primarily on general improvement of the skills of the players, as well as abilities of mastering the orchestra excerpts. This initiative has also inspired a number of composers around the world to write and arrange music for the bassoon which was premiered at PF festival. Among them are French Alexandre Ouzounoff (Vezelay 2017), Norwegian Kristian Oma Rønnes who dedicated his arrangement of the Vivaldi Concerto in c-minor to Arek Adamczyk and his bassoon class in Poznań 2017, as well as British Adrian Williams, who has dedicated to Arek his new bassoon concerto SPECTRUM (2018).

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